So I am finally getting around to doing this blog post and I am uber excited about it!!! The reason for this is because in over 5 years of being natural I have never -- and I mean NEVER EVER used a pick! Can you believe that?!? I mean the very thought of it astounds me! I am very happy with this pick because it is relatively seamless but the only problem is the very edges. Around the tips on the end there are sharp circular edges and I have to be real -- it can slice the hair if you're not careful. It is made of iron after all so in hindsight I would much rather buy a plastic pick.

The only problem is it is near impossible to find a seamless plastic pick. Seriously -- they don't exist in stores and you have to scour the internet to find one. Something I am not prepared to do at this time because I simply do not have enough time. But trust me, when I get around to that I will update you guys on the brand I choose and what I really think about my choice. Seamless combs are extremely important to me as they incur less damage to the hair and promote my whole "healthy hair" agenda.

I am a total newbie to the pick game, it feels like men have been doing this for centuries and I am a little peeved about that because when you observe the structure of a pick it is quite feminine. Picks could totally be a thing of glamour and feminine beauty but they're been tainted by the MAN lol! No seriously, men need gadgets for their hair too, no hate. But the reality is, as long as a man's hair is healthy, they could care less about accouterments. What's the obsession with the pick? I honestly think the male pick obsession is a major conspiracy devised to seriously piss me off! Like, shut up -- you don't really care and give us our picks back already! Honestly! Don't forget to watch the video linked above! <3 <3 <3


In this post I am talking about a crazy hair week encapsulated by one really annoying day -- hence the title. It was one of those hair mistakes that messed up my whole week until it was mostly gone but the first day was the absolute worst! It all started when I used Murray's Pomade on my hair on a re-twist night thinking it would give me definition. It gave me definition alright -- BOX definition and I ended up with a box in the middle of my moon puff! HOW AWFUL!!! I was completely livid and insane about it. I mean -- a box! This stuff is great for slicking edges just not the re-twist after a wash day. I will try it on a wash day one time and see how it fares. Just a box in the the middle of my perfectly moon-shaped hair! How hooglay can you get?! Very apparently. I was excessively pissed to say the least because my hair already doesn't want to behave so please just save me the gratuitous crap falls! YA -- still pissed about it. LOL! XD Much hearts! <3 <3 <3


Ok, so I am finally getting around to posting regularly on this blog and I am loving it! I have had to relocate this blog for oh so many technical reasons {always keeping the same domain name} but now I think I worked all the bugs out and this will be a permanent stay for me -- hosting stay that is. I have had to switch servers and I have no idea if the backup file I saved will ever get around to uploading on this new server because I just can't get it to work. Hopefully I can get it to work but if it doesn't oh well, here I am starting from scratch in a way but I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope all the posts I uploaded over a year ago can be re-uploaded.

While I figure that out I still have a product to re-launch on here and relay the almost everyday awesomeness that is this blog! I really loved having this blog all those years back -- and now -- as a space to write about my little Sciency hair tips, give little trinkets on my personality and seriously just vent! And straight up -- just to write because I am like an aficionado in that area. It's a strong passion and gift of mine learned early on but not my favorite. My favorite thing that I do would have to be singing and then dancing. I am a new little musician/pop artist, check me out on itunes. You can go to my itunes download page from my site, all my links are there from spotify to instagram. You can also watch my debut single "Eat the Cookie" there which has hit over 1 million views on youtube!!! So I am on the up and up but being an independent -- and I mean COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT NO LABEL OR ANYTHING -- artist is hard. Like really hard. All the action comes from me. I even designed my Vevo channel, something I am uber proud of but it takes a lot of work.

Support a baby pop singer in this crazy topsy turvy world would you?!?!! See me talking about something other than hair on my hair channel (hey I can do that!) because it is focused on beauty ("""beautybynajah""" "hint, hint") and I named my channel that because I knew I wanted to tie in other element of beauty as a holistic individual and basic health nut. The hair is just the crown -- that's what I was raised to believe -- and one of my absolute favorite elements of beauty... Still, it is just a part so I have so many other things to share with you! That's why I created my "Health Tip Tuesdays" once a week where I can share all my little diamond nuggets on health from a naturopathic standpoint!  Don't forget to watch the video attached to this post, the ink is located right below the pic! Much hearts!!! <3 <3 <3

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