In this post I am talking about a crazy hair week encapsulated by one really annoying day -- hence the title. It was one of those hair mistakes that messed up my whole week until it was mostly gone but the first day was the absolute worst! It all started when I used Murray's Pomade on my hair on a re-twist night thinking it would give me definition. It gave me definition alright -- BOX definition and I ended up with a box in the middle of my moon puff! HOW AWFUL!!! I was completely livid and insane about it. I mean -- a box! This stuff is great for slicking edges just not the re-twist after a wash day. I will try it on a wash day one time and see how it fares. Just a box in the the middle of my perfectly moon-shaped hair! How hooglay can you get?! Very apparently. I was excessively pissed to say the least because my hair already doesn't want to behave so please just save me the gratuitous crap falls! YA -- still pissed about it. LOL! XD Much hearts! <3 <3 <3

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